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Covid Bros. Essential Works – 2020 Digital Album Release

LoPhonics Stare At The Sun – 2014 EP Release on SoundCloud & BandCamp – currently removed

Them Dirty Liars – Current Cover Band – on hiatus due to Covid
Noise Lab is a project started by Tim Taebel -Improv Jam Sessions – cir. 2010 – current
Soma Holiday – cir. 1991-1996 – College Band
Smack Romantic – cir. 1995-1997 – College Band
100 Suns – cir. 1995-1996 – College Band
LolliDrop – cir. 1996 – College Band
Swelling – cir. 1994-1996 College Band
Soul Shaker – cir. 1988 – 1990 – High School & College Band
Limp Willy and the Broken Zippers – cir. 1987 – High School Band
Defiance – cir. 1985-1986 – 1st Band

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Oh man, it’s sooooo good to hear Weird Place again! Thanks a ton for posting these. My tape was eaten years ago in a 93 Jeep. Luckily I still have Vessel on CD. Y’all’s music seriously was the soundtrack to my two years in Norman. Some of my favorite live shows. How the hell do I still remember the words?

Happy to help Todd. That’s awesome that you still remember the words. James was an amazing lyricist. Thanks for hangin’ with us all those years ago.

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